Outlines & Tools To Help You Study Smarter

We are experts on the bar exam and have invested thousands of hours over the last 11 years analyzing exams and testing patterns to discover the subjects, topics, and rules that are most important.

Our outlines, guides, and study tools have simplified the learning process for thousands of bar examinees by teaching:

  1. How to prepare for the MBE and Bar Exam Essays
  2. What rules to focus on with your limited study time

Simply put, we help you invest 100% of your study time on the topics that are most likely to show up on your exam. So sit back, relax, and stop worrying about that endless pile of information. SmartBarPrep helps you study smarter, so you can take the bar with confidence.

As Featured In: Bar Exam Toolbox

“Smart Bar Prep is a great way for you to easily identify the subject areas and rules where you should focus the majority of your time and attention.”

How We Help You Study

Priority Outlines

Outlines with each rule’s frequency & priority (high/med/low), list of exams tested, and model rule statements with important terms highlighted.

Smart Attack Sheets

Concise breakdowns of the law tested for each subject, with our color-coded priority system to focus on the highly tested MBE and Essay rules.


Frequency Charts

See how often each subject and topic has been tested on the MBE and Essays.

Smart Flashcards

Digital flashcards that adapt to your strengths & weaknesses, and apply decades of cognitive science research to make studying as efficient as possible.


Real Practice Questions

We have licensed real MBE & Essay questions used on past exams, so you can practice using authentic questions drafted by the bar examiners.


Quick Essay Review & Issue Spotting

Essay questions with summary answers – use these to quickly review essay fact patterns and improve spotting issues.

SmartBarPrep has helped thousands of examinees take the bar with confidence!

“I passed the NY bar exam [UBE] this past February. I was working full time for an international law firm and preparing for the bar. Your work helped me a whole lot and do not know how to thank you enough for your great work. 90% of the issues I encountered at the NY bar exam were included in your document. Many thanks for the excellent work.”

Maria Koliasta
UC Berkeley School of Law – LLM
(Passed on 1st try)

“Nothing was as helpful as SmartBarPrep in my preparation for the essay section of the bar exam. I only wish I had found it earlier. While there is no magic bullet for the bar exam, this came pretty close. Thank you for your time and effort in creating such a useful tool.”

Stephanie P.
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
(Passed on 1st try)

“Your outlines were crucial in me being able to study for the written portion of the California Bar. The more essays you practice you really see how your outlines nail which rules are important and which aren’t. There’s so much information on the California Bar, it’s important to focus on what matters and what doesn’t. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to ace the written portion of the Bar.”

Phil M.
Thomas Jefferson School of Law
(Passed Feb. 2018 California bar exam)