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Your study time is limited. Understanding what topics and rules to focus on will help you study smarter and go into the bar exam better prepared.

Our FREE Frequency Chart includes:

  1. Breakdowns of how often each subject area has appeared on the California Bar Exam essays in the past 35 examinations.
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By using the SmartBarPrep Essay Frequency Chart, you can prioritize and study the rules of law that matter most to the bar examiners, gaining a significant advantage over other bar exam takers.

The California Bar Exam is one of the hardest bar exams in the country.  But, you can ace it by understanding that the bar examiners consistently test the same material over and over again. Here is a chart that shows just how often rules are repeated:

  • July 2018 95% 95%
  • February 2018 96% 96%
  • July 2017 90% 90%
  • February 2017 92.0% 92.0%
  • July 2016 92% 92%
  • February 2016 90% 90%
  • July 2015 85% 85%
  • February 2015 93% 93%
  • July 2014 85% 85%
  • February 2014 84% 84%
  • July 2013 69% 69%
  • February 2013 75% 75%
  • July 2012 83% 83%
  • February 2012 74% 74%
  • July 2011 74% 74%
  • February 2011 81% 81%

Because many topics are repeated from old exams, every person taking the bar exam would benefit from reading and analyzing all past exams as part of their study regimen. These past exams give you an unparalleled perspective of what types of rules the bar examiners test and how often they have shown up in the past.

As anyone who has taken the California Bar Exam knows, there is simply not enough time to review and analyze every past exam or every topic that you might be tested on, especially while also having time to study for the MBE and Performance Test sections.

You have a limited amount of study time, and we help you study smarter with our 100% free SmartBarPrep Essay Frequency Chart.

Don’t wait. Start studying smarter today.


Subject Frequency
(out of 35 exams)

Subject Frequency
(out of 207 essays)

Rule Frequency
(517 rules analyzed)


We’ll never sell your email address to any 3rd party or send you any spam.
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