Here’s what to do next

You’ve completed The Smart Guide to the MEE, which means you now really understand how the MEE works, how to prepare for the exam, and most importantly how to maximize your essay score.

Simply by applying the lessons you’ve learned in this Guide, you’ll have a huge advantage over other examinees.

So what’s next?

You must start applying the lessons, strategies, and tips in this guide!

The most important of which is to prioritize your studying to focus on the highly tested rules, practice issue spotting, and draft practice essay answers.  That’s it!

We hope you found this guide useful.  If you have any questions or have your own MEE tips to share, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Best of luck on the upcoming bar exam!


Matthew Bates
Creator, SmartBarPrep

“You need to prioritize.  If you can’t get to everything or do everything, that’s okay.”
– Julie Chen (American Journalist, born Jan. 6, 1970)