MPT Frequency Analysis

We’ve compiled data from 25+ years of MPT’s, so you can see what’s highly tested and prioritize your studying!

Focus Your Limited Study Time

Your study time is limited. Understanding what Tasks to focus on will help you study smarter and go into the bar exam better prepared.

Our FREE Frequency Analysis includes:

  1. Bar chart of how often each Task has been tested on the MPT section in the past 57 exams.
  2. Table showing the percentage (%) each Task was tested.
  3. Breakdown of the Tasks tested on every MPT since 1997 (covering 57 exams and 127 MPT questions).
  4. Packaged in one convenient, 100% free download.

There is no catch. You have nothing to lose by downloading our MPT Frequency Analysis and streamlining your bar exam study.

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By using the MPT Frequency Analysis, you can prioritize and study the Tasks that are the most important to the bar examiners, plus you’ll be able to easily see what exams each type of Task was tested.

Here’s just how often each Task was tested.

Draft Agreement/Contract

Draft Causes of Action

Draft Closing Argument

Draft Findings of Fact & Conclusions of Law

Draft Interrogatories

Draft Will

Opinion Letter

Objective Memorandum

Persuasive Brief

Persuasive/Demand Letter

Persuasive Memorandum

The Multistate Practice Test (MPT) is one of the most difficult sections of the bar exam.  But, you can study smarter by understanding what the bar examiners consistently test, and prioritize your studying accordingly.  Additionally, you’ll also be able to see the less tested Task types, and our Task Breakdown Chart will show the exact exams those questions were tested. 

You have a limited amount of study time, and we help you study smarter with our 100% free MPT Frequency Analysis.

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Samples of the MPT Frequency Analysis

MPT Frequency Chart
(Bar chart by Task type)

MPT Frequency Table
(% out of 57 exams)

MPT Task Breakdown
(127 MPT’s analyzed)