The Smart Guide to the MBE

A Guide to Mastering the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE)

The MBE is the key to passing the bar exam, but most advice makes studying complicated.

Our goal at SmartBarPrep is to simplify the studying process … so we created this guide breaking down the MBE into simple parts with strategies and tips to master the exam.

Everything in this guide is based upon our work with thousands of examinees, constant research, and what really works to achieve a high MBE score.  The creator of SmartBarPrep scored in the top 5% on the MBE (a 171.1 scaled score – see here), and we want you to do the same or better!

What You’ll Learn

We will cover key aspects of how the MBE works and how to maximize your score, including:

  • Understanding & Deconstructing the MBE – Format, Subjects/Law Tested, Timing & Pace
  • How Many Questions to Expect for Each Subject and Sub-Topic (Chart Included)
  • The Structure of MBE Questions and Answer Choices
  • MBE Preparation the Right Way … A Step-by-Step Study Strategy (with Tips) to Obtain a High MBE Score
  • The Best MBE Questions to Use… and Where to Find Them
  • Test Day Tips & Strategies
  • MBE Scoring – How your MBE score is calculated


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