MBE Testing Fundamentals

Below are key aspects of the MBE that every examinee must know when taking the exam.

  • Choose the BEST answer choice (and choose only one answer per question). Multiple answer selections will result in an incorrect response.
  • Answer EVERY Question (even if you aren’t sure of the answer). Scores are calculated only by the number of questions answered correctly – points will NOT be subtracted for incorrect answers. Thus, make sure you answer EVERY question, even if it’s a complete guess.
  • Mark ALL answers on the separate Answer Sheet. You must indicate all answers on the separate answer sheet DURING the 3-hour time limit of each MBE exam session. We cannot stress this enough… ONLY the answer sheet will be scored (no credit will be given for anything written in the test booklet). Thus, make sure you build in time during the exam to transfer all of your answers to the answer sheet.