The Smart Guide to the Mississippi Bar Exam

A Guide to Mastering the Mississippi Bar Exam

Mississippi Bar Exam Format

Mississippi Bar Exam Sections - MBE 200 Multiple Choice, Mississippi Essays - 6 Essays, MPT - 1 Writing Assignment, MEE - 6 Essays
The Mississippi Bar Exam contains 4 sections:

Multistate Bar Exam (MBE)

200 multiple choice

Multistate Essay Exam (MEE)

6 essays

Multistate Performance Test (MPT)

1 writing assignment

Mississippi Essays

6 essays

Mississippi Bar Exam Dates

July 2023 exam: July 25-26, 2023
Feb. 2024 exam: Feb. 27-28, 2024

*The Mississippi Bar Exam takes place on the last Tuesday & Wednesday of February and July.

How to Prepare for
the Mississippi Bar Exam

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Contact Info

Mississippi Board of Bar Admissions
Corporate Plaza, Building 3
P.O. Box 1449
Jackson, MS 39215-1449

Website:      Click here
Phone:         (601) 576-4620
Fax:              (601) 576-4730

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