Where to Find Past MEE’s

(including Free Essay Questions & Answers)

What You’ll Learn:

  • Where to find Past MEE Questions & Answers (including FREE sources)


We have compiled the following lists of where you can find past MEE essay questions and answers that are available from the NCBE and UBE/MEE jurisdictions.

Past MEE Questions & Model Analyses (released by the NCBE)

Recent MEE Questions-Analyses:

  • MEE Questions and Analyses from recent exams can be purchased from the NCBE store here.

FREE Sources of MEE Questions-Analyses:

  • The six MEE questions (without analyses) from the most recent exam can be downloaded for FREE on the NCBE website here.
  • MEE Questions and Analyses from older administrations can be downloaded for FREE on the NCBE website via the links below.

Sample Examinee Answers (released by UBE/MEE Jurisdictions)

Below you can find links to MEE Questions and Sample Examinee Essay Answers released by Arkansas, Minnesota, and New York.

NOTE:  Be careful when reviewing examinee answers for other years not listed above.  We have intentionally omitted certain exam years because the MEE was not used in that jurisdiction at the time.  For example, DO NOT use any New York bar exam released essay answers prior to July 2016 – when NY switched to the UBE format.  These were omitted because New York administered different state specific essays prior to that exam – those examinee answers were based on New York specific law.